Dancing Madly backwards    


Dancing Madly Backwards was founded in 2011 by Lou Goodwin (bass, vocals), Lewis Goodwin (guitar, saxophone, vocals), and Michael Seavey (guitar, keyboard, harmonica, vocals) as an acoustic trio subgroup of the New England classic rock band, Brothers In Arms. Just a few days before Christmas in December of 2012, DMB recruited drummer Avery Stuart to fill out their rhythm section.

Later that month, they began work on their self-titled album. After successfully releasing their first album in August of 2013, the group immediately began work on their second album. The second album, String 'n Things, was released in August of 2014.

The summer of 2015 was a transitional period for the band. Midway through the summer, after working through some creative differences, the band decided to part ways with member Michael Seavey. Needing to fill the void left by Seavey, the band contacted long-time friend and musician Nathan Mann. Mann (guitar, keyboard, vocals) had filled in on drums for Stuart several times in the years prior, and was familiar with the band’s music, which helped the transition to go very smoothly.

Dancing Madly Backwards is currently working on music for their next album, while still playing shows every week and remaining very active in the local music community.


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Meet the band

Lewis (Grasshopper) Goodwin

Lead Guitar, Vocals, Saxophone


Lou (Booker) Goodwin

Bass Guitar, Vocals


Avery (Animal) Stuart



Nathan (The Man) Mann

Rhythm Guitar, Keyboard, Vocals